Android SMS Cell Phone Tracker to Track a Cell Phone

Android SMS Cell Phone Tracker to Track a Cell Phone

Android SMS cell phone tracker to track a cell phone is one method that has been proven to be quite handy in determining someones location especially when the GPS tracking is not available. There is no question that GPS tracking is one of the most accurate means of locating a cell phone but the only drawback to constantly using this feature is that it drains the battery of the cell phone quicker. The good news is that there is a better alternative to GPS tracking and that is SMS Spy which is the best Android SMS cell phone tracker to date.

How Does it Work?

When you install SMS Spy on to a target phone, the user wont see any icon indicating that they are being traced. What this Android SMS cell phone tracker does instead is to run as a kind of background service which only gets activated when you want to get an update on the phones location. If you want to track a cell phone you only need to send the SMS message, How are you? to the device. Once it receives this message, it will immediately send you the data of the exact location of the cell phone including a link to the map and address as well.

What are the Limitations?

There is no such thing as a cell phone tracker free.  If your looking for a cell phone tracker, you are going to have to pay for it.

The Android SMS cell phone tracker may not be that accurate unless the GPS tracking is turned on or is available. If it is not, the device will be using the network data of the cell towers to provide you with the location. Keep in mind, however, that if the data location is used to track down your target phone, the results may not be that accurate. It would be nice though if the software will be able to turn on GPS tracking whenever you request for a location update and turn it off afterwards to preserve battery life.

The How are you? SMS location request by the Android SMS cell phone tracker usually appears as a notification. You can easily mask this request if you dont want it to appear as an SMS notification where it will appear as a system notification instead. You can do this by creating a contact where the surname will be replaced as systemnumber then leave the rest of the fields empty. Add the recipients contact number when sending and you are done.

If you do this correctly, the Android SMS cell phone tracker to track a cell phone notification will appear as Internal Service SMS database optimized and compressed instead. This cell phone tracker notification is merely a workaround where you are simply overlapping previous notifications in the users handset.

There are many resources for mobile phone tracking.  Cell phone tracker software in all cases must be installed on the phone you want to monitor. 

If your looking for reputable mobile phone tracking software take a look at:

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